Irish Manchester Revisited

Irish Manchester Revisited.

Alan and Danny have had two books published, both tracing the integration of Irish immigrants in Manchester. Both are from an Irish background, and have had substantial personal insight into the ability of many Irish migrants, who had arrived with little or no money and often very limited education, to create opportunities for their offspring. Irish Manchester Revisited will take the form of a photographical history of post-war Irish history, and in particular the Irish in Manchester. It will cover, among other areas, the second generation, the social, musical and sporting contribution of the Irish to the region. Through the success of 'Irish Manchester', (vol 1 & 2) this will also be a photo-history, and once again it will be the product of a collaboration between Alan Keegan (who has worked in local radio and is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston) and Danny Claffey, (who has worked for twenty seven years as a photographer for the Irish Post newspaper in the North West of England). Irish Manchester Revisited continues on the back of the previous success and continues to tell the Irish story through a wonderful collection of Manchester Irish photographs.

The book will be launched in March 2013 to coincide with the Manchester Irish Festival.

More Irish Manchester

More Irish ManchesterMore Irish Manchester is another celebration of photographic memories of Irish people and their descendents in this vibrant and cosmopolitan city of ours.

The majority of the photographs in the book were taken in the 1980's when there was a real resurgence of the Irishness of the city, from the opening of the Irish World Heritage Centre to the forming of many new county associations , G.A.A. clubs, Irish dancing schools and the dynamic emergence of young second and third generation Irish traditional musicians, many of whom are now internationally famous in their own right.

Many of the characters depicted in the book have now sadly passed away, but all of them leave a happy lingering memory and the knowledge that they helped to successfully gel together the Irish community of Manchester in a very positive and sometimes entertaining way.



Irish Manchester

Irish ManchesterFeaturing over 200 photographs, many previously unpublished, Irish Manchester is a celebration of memories. It combines interesting images with well-researched captions, and includes personal reminiscences, many written by those who have been involved in Irish life over the years.

The Irish have a rich and varied history where Manchester is concerned, and within these pages some views will be reassuringly familiar, while others will have changed or are beyond recollection. It shows the Irish both at work and at play, with images of numerous pubs, clubs and social events, including the festivals and many parades. It also takes a look at sports and entertainment, from the Gaelic Athletic Association to traditional Irish dancers.

This book is an enduring and nostalgic account, of interest to Manchester Irish and anyone who knows and appreciates the contribution the Irish have made to a great city.